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Save freezer space with the new 1.0ml external thread
Jacket Tube
With 18% less height than a 1.0ml tube with internal thread screw top
(Max working volume still 0.833ml)


Our award-winning AirFilm individual thermal seals
Any FluidX 96 format storage tubes
An AirFilm thermal sealer
An XTR-Single- single tube 2D barcode reader.


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0.3ml, 0.7ml and 1.0ml jacket tubes with external thread

Like to get more for your money?
Here's the new AirFilm Starter Pack

AirFilm Starter Pack

Increase working volume

Ideal for cold storage

Reduce tube height

Preserve sample integrity

Improve sample identification

Designed for automation


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Simply Better Footprint

The smallest whole rack reader available.

15% smaller than the next smallest reader.


Simply Better Connectivity

Only one USB cable needed for

both data transfer and power.


Simply Better Decoding

Uses a global, industry-standard decoding

algorithm that has been continuously

refined over the past 25 years.


Simply Better Speed

How long does it take from pressing scan to results?

Only 0.75 seconds!


Simply Better Cryo Protection

FluidX were the first group to create a cryo protective system over 3 years ago and our research confirms that an active method remains more effective than passive.


Simply Better Warranty

We provide a 5 year warranty.

The new Perception

2D Datamatrix Whole Rack Reader

FluidX Perception, new whole rack reader

The Aperio

FluidX's new semi-automated capping/decapping system designed for 96 format screw cap tubes.


Provides the consistency of a fully

automated system but at much

lower cost.


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APERIO semi automated single column capping/decapping system for 96 format FluidX screw cap tubes

Do you find it hard to leave your iPad at home?


Have a look at the new FluidX Scope Wireless TM


Use with all 2D barcoded sample storage tubes.

Read barcodes anywhere, any time.

Instant 1D and 2D barcode reading.

Use straight away. No calibration, software or drivers needed.

Immediate results, export data to any application.

Use with multiple mobile devices.


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FluidX Scope Wireless, the very first single tube 1D and 2D barcode reader compatible with iPad and Android tablets

The very first single tube 1D and 2D barcode reader compatible with iPad and Android tablets



Not sure which tube you need?

Try our storage tube selection wizard!


FluidX are sample storage and tracking specialists

The team at FluidX probably know more about 2D barcoded storage tubes and readers than any other group in the world. We were part of the team that developed the very first 2D datamatrix barcoded tubes back in 1999 and also introduced the first scanner capable of identifying a whole rack of 96 tubes.

With over fifteen years of continuous development, it's no wonder FluidX 2D barcode readers perform so well.

ISBER International Society for Biological and Environmental Respositories ESBB European, Middle Eastern, and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking